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ALPHA® Profiler Shape B - Demi Bullnose

ALPHA® Profiler Shape B - Demi Bullnose

Alpha® Profiler Shape B creates a perfect demi bullnose/roundover edge on materials like granite, engineered stone, concrete, crystallized glass and porcelain slabs. Available to produce 3/16", 3/8",1/2",3/4" edges, these profile bits are constructed with the use of the latest vacuum brazed technology, utilizing diamonds best suited for harder materials. Equipped with a 5/8”-11 female thread and internal water passage holes, the Alpha® profile bit will fit the AIR-680, and other center water-feed polishers. With built-in features like the nylon guide that slides along the surface, and the rotary touchier that controls the depth of cut; an operator with little or no fabrication skills can easily create a perfect roundover on tiles or slabs.  After the edge is successfully made, use polishing pads to achieve a superior professional finish. 

Special Order may be required. Contact us for specifics and size availablity. 


  • For creating demi-bullnose/roundover edges
  • 5/8"-11 thread for attachment onto water-fed polishers
  • Nylon guide and rotational feature helps control the depth of cut to ensure consistent shaping
  • Max. Speed 3500 RPM


Application: Granite, Engineered Stone, Concrete, Crystallized Glass and Porcelain Slabs

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