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Blue Ripper Miter Base

Blue Ripper Miter Base

This is an accessory for the Blue Ripper G2 Rail Saw which allows you to cut 45 degree miters up to 3cm thick material, including full plunge capability.  


The saw is rigidly mounted using four bolts and two pins. You can easily and quickly remove the saw from the miter base if you wish to do straight cuts.


Note: Blue Ripper G2 Rail Saw,  and Rails sold separately.


**Special Order may be required. Please contact us to order. 


When purchasing the Miter Base, please make sure your saw is compatible by checking to make sure your saw was manufactured after the following dates:

  • Blue Ripper Sr: September 2020
  • Blue Ripper Jr: November 2019
  • Blue Ripper G2: August 2019


Note that when mounting the Blue Ripper SR Rail Saws to the Miter Base, additional parts are needed. Please see the following link for the additional parts you will need: Miter Base Counterweight Assembly for the Blue Ripper Sr

Also note that the Blue Ripper Sr, while on the Miter Base, can cut 3cm thick material only with a NEW blade. Used blades may not be able to complete a full miter cut using the Blue Ripper Sr on the Miter Base.

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