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Laticrete Latapoxy 310 Stone Adhesive

Laticrete Latapoxy 310 Stone Adhesive



LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive is a two component, high strength epoxy adhesive, which is formulated for the spot bonding method of tile and stone installations on vertical surfaces.


LATAPOXY 310 Stone Adhesive maintains its non-sag consistency at high temperatures up to 95°F (35°C).


Full Unit—2.6 gal (10 L) All components packed in one carton. Available in standard and rapid versions.

  • 1.3 gal (5 L) Part A pail
  • 1.3 gal (5 L) Part B pail


Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Cement Mortar Bed
  • Brick Masonry
  • Existing Ceramic Tile And Stones
  • Exterior Glue Plywood
  • Steel


Common Applications

  • Interior Spot Bonding Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Exterior Spot Bonding Walls





  • Spot bonding marble, granite, adhered masonry veneer and large format ceramic tile on walls and overheads, interior or exterior applications
  • Ideal for fireplace surrounds, elevators and stair risers
  • Adhesive for bedding and fastening marble, granite and other stone slabs on walls and wainscoting
  • Adhesive for fabricating granite, marble and other stone
  • Approved by TCNA for Interior applications method W215 and W260


  • Fast Permanent Bond—45 minutes to 1 hour set time
  • Easy to Use—1:1 mixing ratio by volume
  • Non-Staining—ideal for white and light colored marbles, other stones and tiles
  • Withstands shock and vibration
  • Durable permanent bond, will not deteriorate over time  Safe—no solvents
  • Non-Sag—when applied up to 1" (25 mm) thick
  • Rapid version is available; 5–8 minute set up
  • Conforms to EN 12004 and ISO 13007 with a classification of R2T

Acceptable Substrates - Interior:

  • Concrete
  • Concrete masonry units (CMU)
  • Brick/masonry
  • Exterior glue plywood¥
  • Cement backer board*
  • Steel**

*Consult cement backer board manufacturer for specific installation recommendations.

**Steel surface must be cleaned to remove oil, dust oxidation and other bond inhibiting materials.

¥Fire-treated, marine grade or other chemically treated plywood panels are not acceptable substrates


Exterior Substrates


  • Must be minimum 6" (150 mm) thick reinforced
  • Must be minimum 3500 psi (24 MPa)
  • Must be minimum 28 days old prior to installation

CMU - Double wythe walls only

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