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Tenax Proseal Nano 1L

Tenax Proseal Nano 1L

Proseal Nano is a stone sealer formulated specifically for quartzite material.


This solvent-based impregnating sealer also works on many other natural stone surfaces including:

Quartzite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Concrete, Agglomerates, Terracotta, Onyx, Slate, Granite, and Sandstone. 


Proseal Nano is an excellent stone sealer for glossy and polished surfaces even if the stone has a higher absorption rate. It penetrates and settles into the material's micro-pores and protects the stone from all kinds of dirt. Additionally, Proseal Nano won't alter the look of the stone or affect its breathability


There are many advantages to choosing Proseal Nano Quartzite sealer. The first is that it provides protection in the microporosities of the stone on which it is used. Even porous surfaces are protected when using this sealer.


Proseal Nano is specifically made for use on countertops and makes maintaining and restoring a kitchen countertop much easier. It can be used in multiple environments including outdoor kitchens and inside the home on kitchen countertops.


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Approximate Coverage: 215-323 sq ft per 1L (quart size) 


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