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IMER 350 Smart Cut - 14" (110V) Brick Block & Paver Masonry Saw

IMER 350 Smart Cut - 14" (110V) Brick Block & Paver Masonry Saw

IMER Masonry 350 Smart Cut


Product Features:


  • Largest and most accurate rolling cutting table available on the market today
  • Built in folding leg stand gives sturdy base and makes transport easy
  • Built in roller wheels makes one person movement easy.
  • Sturdy and strong plastic water tray makes clean up a non issue
  • Single side arm mount for motor and blade gives 30' cut 4-3/4" deep
  • 2hp motor runs on 110v 15amp power all day long
  • Sound deadening material inside blade guard cuts down on noise.
  • Super accurate tray rolls on steel diamond shaped bars with nylon rollers
  • Tough high quality powder coated finish
  • Adjustable blade head to maintain accuracy


Click Here to Download Spec Sheet 


  • 14” general purpose blade included
  • 180º protractor included
  • Integrated stand with wheel kit


*Additional Parts & Accessories sold separately, please call us for more information. 

Item Code IMER-M350
Blade Diameter


Blade Shaft Diameter


Max. Cutting Length 

(includes plunge cut)



Max. Cutting Depth 4-3/4"
Motor  2 hp 115v, 15 amps
Cutting table dimensions 20" x 16" 
Cutting surface height 33-1/2"
Motor Speed 2850 rpm



175 lb 

(215 lb) 

Water pan capacity 10 gallon
Water pump flow 3 gpm

Saw Dimensions


47" x 51" x 28-1/2" 

(48" x 55" x 29") 


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