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Alpha® AIR-680 Pneumatic Polisher

Alpha® AIR-680 Pneumatic Polisher


**DISCONTINUED, see Alpha AIR-830**


The Alpha® AIR-680 is the Ultimate Pneumatic Polisher recommended for wet polishing, drilling & profiling. This high performance, pneumatic polishing tool has a central water-fed distribution system that produces the highest quality finishes. To ensure high performance and tool longevity, it is best to operate the polisher at a maximum speed of 4,000 RPM, noting that it consumes 15 CFM and requires 85 PSI. With a 5/8”-11 spindle, the AIR-680 is lightweight and ergonomically designed.


In addition, the AIR-680 is now equipped with 15ft flexible air and water supply hoses and an oil port for easy maintenance. These new hoses are made of Hybrid Flexible Material and are all-weather flexible down to -40C


This workhorse tool is designed for a long life and is a must-have for any fabrication shop.


Parts are available and sold separately.

Out of Stock

Parts are available and sold separately. For more product information, instructions/manuals, please email us. 


Item Code: AL-AIR680

Equipment Included:
Air Lead Hose (15ft / 4.5m)
Water Hose (15ft. / 4.5m)
Side Handle (reversible)
Double End Wrench (19/22mm)
*Rust Inhibitor Oil (8oz/237ml)
Screw (O-ring seal for Oil Port)
Exhaust Hose with Clamp


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