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Tenax Rivo 50

Tenax Rivo 50

Tenax Rivo 50 A & B is a two part knife grade epoxy designed for all types of stone. Rivo is one of the strongest epoxies in the stone industry. It will bond to almost any surface. Tenax Rivo 50 is designed for permanent application. The stone will break before the bond will. Suitable for temperatures below 0°C as well as extreme heat. Recommended for both interior and exterior applications. Material must be dry before application. Straw in color. VOC Compliant


Product Overview 

  • Very strong - fast cure 
  • VOC compliant 
  • Permanent Application 


For faster cure time, see Tenax Rivo 15.



Available in 1L size: Part A + B

Item Code TN-RV50
Mixing Ratio 1:1
Gel Time (in bulk at 25ºC) 50 mins
Tacky Free Time (at 25ºC) 150 min
Minimum Reaction Temperature 10ºC
Temp Range for Use after Hardening

-25º C to 61.6º C


*Special Order is required for Additional Size:

  • Part A (17kg), Part B (17kg) - Item Code: TN-RV50.17


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