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Tenax Quartz Toner Plus

Tenax Quartz Toner Plus

Tenax Quartz Toner Plus is a surface treatment that can be used to enhance Quartz, Engineered, and agglomerate stones. Perfect for bringing out a deep rich color in quartz and engineered stone. Works excellent for matching the edge of the stone with the surface polish. May be applied on polished, flamed, rough, sanded, honed, and brushed finishes. Works well to disguise small scratches. The product does not change color when exposed to the sun. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.


Tenax Quartz Toner Plus is also suitable to protect surfaces against oil and water.  The Tenax Quartz Toner Plus works as both a stone color enhancer AND a premium grade high quality sealer. Excellent for counter tops because it is approved for food contact in compliance with the European rule 90/128 ECC.


Available in 1L (Quartz Size) and 250 ml.


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    Available Size Item Code


    1L / Quart Size



    Coverage: 1 Liter covers approximately 250-300 sq feet

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