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Sinkits - Undermount Sink Clips

Sinkits - Undermount Sink Clips

Sinkits are a patented new clamp design for undermounting sinks to granite, quartz, concrete or any other stone or hard surface material.


Sinkits mechanical anchors are designed to be used in 2cm and 3cm stone countertops, via holes drilled on the underside of surface. 


Watch demonstration video above to learn more about the installation process. 


With the use of Sinkits: There's no need to keep track of clips, screws nuts, washers or anchors. Just drill a hole and insert the clip: no more waiting for epoxy to cure!


There is no other way to undermount sinks that match the combination of speed, strength, versatility and ease of Sinkits sink clips!



Item Code: tbd 

  • Sold in multiples of 4
  • Volume discount might be applicable depending on total units purchased. Please contact us for details. 


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