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RUBI Superpro Plastic Handle Grout Floats

RUBI Superpro Plastic Handle Grout Floats

Rubi Superpro Rubber Grout Float (ref# 65971) include a white abrasion resistant rubber sheet and offers high flexibility, ideal for filling joints up to 3 mm wide. This flexibility ensures homogeneous joint filling and perfect compaction of the grouting material 

Rubi Superpro Solid Rubber Grout Float (ref# 65975) as its name suggests, incorporates a layer of highly abrasion-resistant hard rubber. The hardness of this rubber grout trowel makes it perfect for grouting joints with more than 3 mm wide, ensuring a perfect filling without risk of deformation.

Rubi Thermoflex Superpro Rubber Grout Float (ref# 65973) has a medium hardness and is adaptable to any joint width. It is especially noted for its lightness. This feature is very beneficial for professionals who must grout large surfaces.



    • For grouting ceramic, plastic ergonomic handle.
    • Available in different hardnesses of rubber as the joint width.
    • Rubber float trowel, with white rubber sheet wear resistant.
    • Solid rubber float, with hard rubber abrasion resistant.
    • Thermoflex float, medium hardness.
    • Rubber grout float THERMOFLEX SUPERPRO, medium hardness

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