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Quartz Renew Kit

Quartz Renew Kit

The Quartz Renew Polishing System comes in a standard kit that includes: 


  • Snake Skin Revealer - 8oz bottle
  • Resin Polish - 8oz bottle
  • Final Polish - 8oz bottle


Quartz Renew is used for specific repairs to quartz, such as removing light hazing from chemical burning, hard water spotting, or even sealers that have been applied to quartz. Quartz Renew can also be used for overall surface cleaning and removing minor surface blemishes on quartz countertops. The polishes also remove light staining and hazing on softer marbles and engineered marble products.


The three-step process was designed to blend the “snake skin” appearance of the surface and remove residual hazing after having successfully removed damage with diamond polishing.

One of the problems people can have is keeping quartz looking lustrous with frequent use. Quartz counter tops can be permanently discolored by some cleaners and household chemicals, so product choice is an important decision. Quartz is not nearly as sensitive as marble, but not quite as resistant to chemical damage as granite, which is why using common household cleaners is risky. You simply don’t know which cleaner may be the one to discolor your quartz. Chemical damage results in lighter-colored areas where the color looks like it was bleached out. It’s the coloring dyes within the resins used to make quartz tiles and countertops that are affected…. usually permanently. The Quartz Renew Polishing System is designed to clean and repair quartz countertops without any damage or risk to the quartz itself.


Quartz Renew 3-Step Polishing Pads 

These Polishing Pads pads are recommended for use with the Quartz Renew solutions, described in the kit above. There are 3 types of Polishing pads. Purchase all 3 pads with the Quartz Renew Kit (at a discounted price). Each pad can be purchased individually as well. 


The three Polishing Pads For Quartz Renew Polishing Compounds:


  1. Sheepskin Polishing Pad ffor Quartz Renew Snakeskin Revealer  Compound
  • Prewashed White Lambswool Knitted Polishing Pad w/ Center Hole
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X .75" - 19 MM
  • The prewashing process removes natural oils from the wool fibers, providing increased cutting with a more plush and dense appearance.
  • Knitted with only 100% lambswool, this is the most aggressive option in our knitted pad line. Our apparel grade wool is plush and consistent to offer the desired result time and time again.


2. Green Foam Polishing Pad for Quartz Renew Resin Polish Compound

  • Flat foam / dual action polymer pad 
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X 1.25" - 152 MM


3. White Foam Polishing Pad for Quartz Renew Final Polish

  • The White Dual Action Prepolymer Pad- White Foam Heavy Polishing Pad / Flat Foam 
  • Dimensions are 6.5" X 1.25" - 152 MM


It is recommended that these pads are used with the Quartz Renew Polishing Compounds for optimal results. Please be aware that the best way to use these pads would be putting them on a slow-speed polisher (800 RPM or less), and they need to go on a 6"/7" backer pad to be used with that tool.


Product Item Code
Quartz Renew Kit QRNEW.STK

6" Sheep Skin Pad

for #1 Snake Skin Revealer


6.5" Green Foam Pad

for #2 Resin Polish


6.5" White Foam Pad

for #3 Final Polish



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