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Electroplated Diamond Grinding Discs

Electroplated Diamond Grinding Discs

Apollo's Electroplated Diamond Grinding Discs are extremely durable, making it suitable for 

for grinding applications that involve the aggressive removal of unwanted materials

(i.e. coatings, glue, grout, mastics) on the surface of natural stones - granite, marble; engineered stone - quartz, concrete, and porcelain / ceramic tile, Dekton, and other sintered slab materials. 


Available in standard 4", and 5" diameters. Grits: 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, & 800. 


These grinding discs are embedded with high quality diamonds that is meant for long-lasting use and offer versatility in the applicatons it has to offer (i.e. grits availabile, coarse to fine).


These grinding discs can be used on both polishers and grinders, and can handle high speed grinding.


These grinding discs are the best choice for a variety of applications, ranging from removing the polish, "honing" stone surfaces to shaping out a beveled edge of porcelain tile; to smoothing out concrete for paint applications. In every case, the finished result offers a smooth honed surface that's ready for the next step. 





  • High quality electroplated diamonds
  • Extremely durable diamond discs for a range of applications
  • For the aggressive removal of coatings, epoxy, paint, grout, mastics, etc.
  • Long lasting, and versatile: great for honing, beveling grinding applications on stone, tile and concrete
  • For use on sanders, polishers, angles grinders 
  • Good for high-speed grinding


Application: Natural stone: granite, marble; Engineered stone - Quartz, Concrete, Porcelain tile, Wood, and Metal


Working Condition: Wet & Dry 


Max. Speed: 10,000 RPM

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