Tenax Universal Colour Kit - 10/pack

Tenax Universal Colour Kit - 10/pack

The Tenax Universal Colour Kit comes as a set of 10 colours (75ml bottles) that includes the following colours: Black, White, Red, Red Brown, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Buff, Green


Brilliant Colors that can be used by themselves or mix multiple colors together to create the perfect color match glue for your stone application. Perfect consistency to mix into the adhesive. Not to runny and not to thick. The glue will quickly absorb the colors and blend in perfectly.


Suitable for all your adhesives: Polyester, Epoxy, and Acrylic glues. Indoor and Outdoor use: Tenax Universal Colors are UV stable.


It has a twist-lock spill proof cap, that will not pop open in the tool box on the truck and spill out everywhere. Also, the spill proof twistlock cap quickly screws on, makes a tight seal, and will not come off, preventing the colors from drying out. Comes in soft and durable squeeze bottles, which allows you to squeeze out just the right amount of color. And the Perfect Drop Nozzle: just the right size to squeeze out as little as a drop of color. 


Product Overview: 

  • For polyester, epoxy and acrylic glue 
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Easy to Mix 
  • Tips designed to provide perfect drop size
  • Easy squeeze bottles 


Popular / Common Colours (White, Black, Buff, Grey, Yellow, Brown) are also available for purchase separately. 


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