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Tenax Uniblack

Tenax Uniblack

Tenax Uniblack 1 is the treatment and Tenax Uniblack 2 is for maintenance and surface


Tenax Uniblack 1 is a very strong, concentrated black color enhancer designed specifically to eliminate the defects of black granite.


Its application darkens the surface of the material and makes it more unified in color and consistency; and dries very quickly. To maintain the rich color, apply Tenax UNIBLACK 2.



Tenax Uniblack 2 is a formulated black liquid wax used to increase the black effect on polished, brushed and smooth surfaces.


Uniblack 2 increases the black effect without increasing the gloss.


The product can be used on automatic waxing machines or manually, see "Instructions" tab below


Recommended for restoring old materials which have lost their blackness.



Approx. Coverage: 215-323 sq. ft. per liter, depending on porosity of stone



Type Item Code

Uniblack 1

Uniblack 2




Approx. Coverage: 215-323 sq. ft. per 1 liter,  depending on the porosity of the stone 


Shelf Life: This product will last at least 2 years if kept between 18-25 degree Celsius.. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight. Please read Safety data sheet before usage.

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