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Tenax Strongbond Cartridge Glue for Lapitec

Tenax Strongbond Cartridge Glue for Lapitec


Tenax StrongBond Cartridge Glue is a new generation bi-component glue for gluing Lapitec. It is zero yellowing and UV stable to the sun, great for indoor and outdoor applications.


Tenax StrongBond comes in a 215 ml cartridge for fast and easy dispensing and use. It provides a strong adhesion on Lapitec. The glue cures shiny and is very polishable.


It is solvent free, with medium reactivity. Cures at 0°C and when the humidity level is high.


Requires use with Tenax Universal Cartridge Gun  


Each purchase comes with two mixing tips ("nozzles"). Additional mixing tips are to be purchased separately.


Colour Availability: Click here or try Tenax's Color Chart for Lapitec


Special Order is required. Please contact us to order. 

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Purchase Details


Technical Specs

Mixing Ratio


Gel Time (in bulk at 25ºC)

3-5 min

Tacky Free Time (at 25ºC)

approx. 15 min

Working Time (at 25ºC)

45-60 min

Temp Range for Use after Hardening

-25ºC - 60ºC


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