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Tenax Quartz Shield

Tenax Quartz Shield

Tenax Quartz Shield is a sealer developed exclusively for protecting quartz surfaces from stains and oil absorption Although it is commonly known that brand new quartz surfaces don't require a surface treatment to prevent stains, not all quartz surfaces (depending on the manufacturers) guarantee a stain proof surface. In addition, quartz surfaces after prolonged use in the kitchen may start to develop microporosity. so having it sealed with the Tenax quartz shield is a safe bet. The Tenax quartz shield is a non-colour changing water based sealer, with very low VOC, and is approved for food contact. 


Recommendation: Always test the material on an hidden part of the countertop before applying it completely; make sure that the surface has obtained the required sealed effect. 


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Item Code: TN-QS.1L

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