Tenax Quartz Extraclean Pro

Tenax Quartz Extraclean Pro

Tenax Quartz Extraclean Pro is a solvent based cleaner designed to remove suction cup and stone vacuum rings from quartz slabs. These rings can be difficult to remove without a product designed specifically for the purpose of eliminating these kinds of discolorations.


Slab handling equipment makes moving quartz and engineered stone slabs a piece of cake. however, these machines have a tendency to leave marks on the slab. Extraclean Pro penetrates the pores of the material to remove grease that can make its way into the quartz.


Follow instructions, check under the "How to Use" tab.


For Professional Use Only


Approx. coverage: 200 - 300 sq. ft per liter 



    • Professional Use Only
    • *NEW PRODUCT* 


    Available Size Item Code

    250 ml




    Approx. coverage: 200- 300 sq. ft per liter 


    Shelf Life: The product will last at least 36 months if kept between 18-25 degree Celsius (room temperature); and kept away from heat, humidity and sunlight. Close the container securely after usage.

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