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Tenax No.9 Ceramic Razor Blades - Pack of 10

Tenax No.9 Ceramic Razor Blades - Pack of 10

Tenax No.9 Ceramic Razor Blades (Pack of 10 ) stay sharp for long life, contribute to a clean work area and are hard so they wont snap during use.


Ceramic blades stay sharp longer than traditional metal blades so you get more use. These blades are easy to use due to the size and shape.


They are usable with any tool requiring a #9 razor blade. If you are already using tools that require #9 razor blades, simply switch out the metal #9 razor blades for these and begin to see the benefits.


Metal marks on stone and tile surfaces require additional clean up their use. Ceramic blades are non-metal and do not leave marks on the stone or tile.


Furthermore, metal blades left on a surface in a damp or wet environment can rust and create a stain that must be removed with rust remover. Yet, ceramic blades do not rust so they won't leave rust stains on surfaces if left for a period of time.


Finally, to prevent rusting, metal blades are oiled. This is great to keep the blades free of rust, but the oil can be transferred while cleaning seams. As a result, the oil can bleed into the glue and diminish the quality of the project.



    Item Code: TN-RAZ.C 

    - 10pcs per pack 

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