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Tenax Micto

Tenax Micto

Tenax Micto is a two part Transparent Epoxy with a medium viscosity consistency, and cures super fast.


Tenax Micto is a must have for a fabricator that is in need of a super strong adhesive that works extremely fast. This adhesive can be used on stones of all types including: Marble, Granite, Limestone, Quartz, and Engineered Stone


Tenax Micto is water clear in color, and is best suitable for indoor projects. It is also VOC compliant.



Available in 1L size: Part A + B

Item Code


Mixing Ratio


Gel Time (in bulk at 25ºC)

5 mins

Tacky Free Time (at 25ºC)

15 min

Minimum Reaction Temperature


Temp Range for Use after Hardening

-25º C to 61.6º C

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