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Tenax Fixtop Epoxy

Tenax Fixtop Epoxy

Tenax Fixtop Epoxy is a true 100% two-part epoxy glue...not water based. Fixtop has a very smooth consistency, making it very easy to mix and spread, perfect for troweling. 


Suitable for gluing and bonding marble, granite, stones, mosaics, porcelain and ceramics as well as hardwood, cement board, laminate and plywood. Works best when applied in a thin layer. Can be used to glue mixed-materials, like bonding metal to stones, concrete to metal, ceramic to stone, stone to honeycomb panels.


Fixtop has a low VOC and respects LEED parameters. Does not dissolve or break down in water so it is great for shower applications and won't delaminate. Bonds hard but flexible. No issues with expansion or contraction. For indoor and outdoor use.


Product Overview: 

  • Easy to mix - smooth consistency - trowelable 
  • Easy clean up (water, lacquer thinner, acetone)
  • Excellent bond to granite, mosaics, tile 
  • Does not dissolve or breakdown in water - great for shower applications, won't delaminate
  • Allows for expansion and contraction 
  • 100% true epoxy adhesive 
  • Colourable with Universal Colour Pastes 




Available size:

  • Part A (1 gallon) + Part B  (1 gallon) - 2 Gallon Kit 


Part A (5 gallon) + Part B  (5 gallon) - 10 Gallon Kit


Item Code

(2 gallon kit)

(10 gallon kit) 




Mixing Ratio 1:1 

Gel Time

(in bulk at 25ºC)

50-60 min

Tacky Free Time

(at 25ºC)

120 min
Minimum Reaction Temperature 10ºC
Temp Range for Use after Hardening -25º C to 61.6º C


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