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Tenax Eliox Epoxy

Tenax Eliox Epoxy

Tenax Eliox is an extra clear bi-component epoxy knife grade glue approved for food contact. Suitable to fill, glue and laminate marble, stone, granite, quartz and ceramic. Can be used indoor and outdoor. This product is extra clear, soft and light, easy to spread and with a high gloss and brightness.


Product Overview: 

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very low shrinkage during the hardening processing
  • Easy to color
  • Soft and easy to apply
  • Very bright and easy to polish
  • Dripless and does not sag
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Extra strong
  • Transparent
  • Extra clear
  • Very low yellowing
  • Very easy dosing
  • Food contact approved




*New item, Special Order required - Available sizes:

  • Part A (1 kg) + Part B  (0.5 kg) - SPECIAL ORDER
  • Part A (1.5 kg) + Part B  (0.75 kg) - TN-ELIOX2.25


Item Code


Mixing Ratio 2:1 

Gel Time

(in bulk at 25ºC)

10-15 min

Tacky Free Time

(at 25ºC)

180-210 min
Minimum Reaction Temperature 10ºC
Temp Range for Use after Hardening -25º C to 60º C


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