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STONETECH® Epoxy Grout Haze & Coating Stripper

STONETECH® Epoxy Grout Haze & Coating Stripper

STONETECH® Epoxy Grout Haze & Coating Stripper is a fast-acting, water-based gel that dissolves epoxy grout haze and tough coating from vertical and horizontal surfaces in minutes. 


In 10 minute or less, this heavy duty cleaner wipes away epoxy grout haze and various coatings such as varnish, lacquer, sealer, wax, paint, polyurethane and acrylic without harsh solvents.


It features a non-runny gel solution that adheres well to vertical applications and is great for walls, floors, countertops and backsplashes.



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Shelf Life: Factory sealed containers of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for two (2) years if stored at temperatures <10°C and > 32°C.

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