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SL3® 2" Cup Wheel

SL3® 2" Cup Wheel

The SL3® 2" Cup Wheel is for use with the Electric or Air Seam Phantom to create the undercut or back bevel.


  • Locks into the SL3® Snail Lock Adapter (sold separately or included in the Seam Phantom Package)
  • Maximum 10,000 RPM



Item Code: SPH-SL3CUP2  (sold as a replacement accessory for Seam Phantom) 


Please note the following: All grits in the 3" cup wheel will be special order items, please contact us for more information. 


NSI Solutions Cup Wheels come in two sizes. The 2" Cup Wheel is used with the Seam Phantom to produce the back grind or under cut. The 3" Cup Wheel can be used with the Seam Phantom to grind back edges or free-hand for heavy stock removal. The 3" cup wheels come in fine, medium and aggresive grits.


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