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Seam Phantom® Original Electric Package

Seam Phantom® Original Electric Package

The Seam Phantom® by NSI Solutions is an innovative system for producing near perfect seams in all types of stone and quartz.  The system utilizes a diamond cup wheel followed by up to three diamond abrasives and a precise depth adjustment to eliminate chips and produce a clean sharp edge. The rigid design and Glide Guide straight edge keep each half of the seam straight and true. When the counter is assembled you can produce a nearly invisible seam.


Dress Flawless seams in 15-20 minutes. The original Electric Seam Phantom® is designed to fit onto any of the following Makita grinders: 9564CV, 9565CV, GA5042C, GA4542C (USA/Canada), GA5040C, GA4540C (U.K), 9565CVR (Africa). Made in the U.S.A. Grinder sold separately.




*Special Order may be required, please contact us for availability and more details. 

Item Code: SPH-E2

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