RUBI Slab Trolley

RUBI Slab Trolley


RUBI Slab Trolley is designed to be exclusively used with the other Rubi Transport Systems (Slab Trans Heavy Duty & Slim System Easy Trans) for transporting and maneuvering large format tiles that are 6mm thick


With the Easy Fix system, the Slab Trolley can be easily assembled and disassembled in relation to the transport units.   

The Slab Trolley is light and compact. Its design guarantees that the slab trolley occupies minimal space, while its reinforced aluminum profile give it structural strength with minimal weight.

The Slab Trolley has an extendable arm to facilitate the loading and unloading of ceramic sheets onto flat surfaces, such as the Rubi Slab Table. With the arm folded, the Slab Trolley allows you to go through the frame of a standard door without the need to perform complex or risky maneuvers, even when in use with the transport systems, with the material loaded, at its maximum format.

Equipped with four rotating wheels (360º) with STOP & FIX braking and locking system, the Slab Trolley increases the safety in loading and unloading procedures.

Thanks to the inclination of the transport system, the Slab Trolley becomes the ideal support to carry out the double gluing application task.

The Slab Trolley has rubber bumpers at its ends to avoid possible collision with the material or other elements encountered during transport.

With the Slab Trolley, the user can load pieces up to a maximum weight of 308 lbs (140 kg), measuring up to: 11 ft x 5 ft  (360 cm x 160 cm) in dimensions. 

SKU: RB-18934

RUBI Slab Trolley is designed to be exclusively used with the other Rubi Transport Systems: Slab Trans Heavy Duty & Slim System Easy Trans

  • The use of the SLIM EASY TRANS with the SLAB TROLLEY requires the mandatory use of the CROSSBAR SET (ref. 18819).
  • Please note that the Slab Trolley supplied is disassembled at puchase, and will require assembly for the first-time use.



Item Code RB-18934
Max. Load Capacity 308 lb (140 kg) 

Max. Slab Dimensions

Slab Thickness

11 ft x 5 ft  (360 cm x 160 cm) 

6 mm 

Net Weight of Slab Trolley 33 lb 

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