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Rapid Z™ Drum Wheels

Rapid Z™ Drum Wheels

The Rapid Z™ Drum Wheels (by NSI Solutions) are vacuum brazed drum wheels, specifically designed for use with the Sink BULL™. Available in 3" (as part of the Sink BULL™ Kit), and 1" diameter is the bit you need to clean out the tight corner radius on square sinks.


Available in two grits with a top bearing to ride along the template. The coarse grit cleans up the rough surface left by the Rapid Z™-CUT and the fine grit further smooths the surface leaving it ready to polish. This is the only vacuum brazed drum wheel with reversible and replaceable drums. The height matches the Rapid Z™-CUT so height adjustments on the Sink BULL are not required between bits. It is center water feed compatible (note: the Sink BULL™ does not use center water feed).


  • Fits 5/8-11 arbor threads (M14 version available, special order required)
  • Reversible, and replaceable diamond abrasive drum (sold separately)
  • Height matched to the Rapid Z™-CUT
  • Center water feed compatible
  • Maximum 8500 RPM
  • Coarse grit = approximately 30/40 grit
  • Fine Grit = approximately 120/150 grit


Item Codes:

Diameter Coarse  Fine
3" SB-DW3.C SB-DW3.F

3" Replacement Drums, sold separately. *Special Order is required, please contact us for more information. 

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