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IMER Combicut 350 iPower, 48" Tile, Stone & Masonry Saw

IMER Combicut 350 iPower, 48" Tile, Stone & Masonry Saw

The IMER Combicut 350/1200 iPower is a versatile, and powerful wet saw for cutting tile, stone and masonry materials.


Excellent for tile and stone installers, masons, pre-cast fabricators, landscapers and general contractors 


With a 4 h.p. motor design and laser guide feature, this saw ensures that cuts are made quickly and accurately.


It has a cutting length of up to 48”, diagonal cut of 24" x 24", and can cut up to 4 ¾” in depth


The sound proofing and easily removable blade guard reduces cutting noise and makes blade replacements easy to do.


Overall. IMER Combicut 350/1200 iPower is user-friendly and delivers a high performance that is dependable in the long-run.


Special Order is required for this product. Please contact us to check availability and/or 

to order. 


Item Code: IMER-CB350

***Special Order is required for this item, please contact us for more information***


Equipment Included:

  • Imer Combicut 350/1200 Wet Tile, Stone & Masonry Saw
  • Tile Saw Stand with Wheel Kit
  • 14" General Purpose Diamond Blade
  • Water Pump in Pan
  • Protractor Guide with 180-degree
  • Spare Parts
  • Wrenches
  • Operator's manual

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