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Gorilla Grip 2.1 Camless Seam Setter

Gorilla Grip 2.1 Camless Seam Setter

The Gorilla Grip 2.1 Camless Seam Setter is one of the most powerful seam setter in the industry. This self-contained unit is perfect for use in the shop or the job site.


In each kit you receive the electric vacuum pump and two sets of Gorilla Grip seam pods. The Gorilla Grip Seam Setter provides fast and powerful clamping of stone surfaces. Seams can be quickly closed or opened by simply moving the roller nut with the palm of your hand.


The two clamp halves are aligned with precision steel guide rods. These rods are anchored on one side and slide into bronze sleeves on the other side. Four leveling knobs per set allow for precise leveling, even on bowed slabs.


With the Gorilla Grip Seam Setter, there’s no need to worry about the loss of suction. The electric motor provides continuous suction without having to worry about batteries or hand pumping.


Now Available & In-Stock: 

The Waterfall Miter Clamping accessory is a stainless-steel accessory that will easily clip onto the Gorilla Grip Setter to provide a solid clamping ledge for pulling water fall miters tight. This tool is designed for water falls that drop to the floor but can also be used on vertical wall cladding and other angles. Attachment is as simple as closing the Gorilla Grip onto the clamp and putting in position about 1/2 inch away from the miter. Sold as a pair and 20 inches long, good for water falls up to 36” wide, maybe even more depending on flatness of the material. Sold separately. Spring Clamps not included.


Special Order may be required for this product. Please contact us for more information, including price quote and availablity. 



Item Code:

SS-GG2 (Gorilla Grip 2.1 Seam Setter)

SS-GGATT (Waterfall Miter Clamp)


Product Flyer

Video on Waterfall Miter Clamp 


Product Overview:

  • Powerful clamping mechanism
  • 2 sets of vacuum pods
  • Electric Vacuum Pump for continuous vacuum 
  • 4 leveling knobs for precise leveling
  • Carrying case included for protection

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