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Glass Cutters

Glass Cutters

These glass cutters feature a micro tooth scribing wheel that can cut through glass smoothly with leaving little to no chippings on the end result. The scribing wheel is made of carbide steel, which makes these glass cutter last longer. The yellow glass cutter has a self-lubricating oil feeder that reduces the amount of dust generated while cutting. Both types of glass cutters are suitable for a whole range of glass material, like common glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, mirrors, etc.

•    Micro tooth scribing wheel for smooth cutting, with minimal chipping
•    Scribing wheel is made of carbide steel for long lasting use
•    The yellow glass cutter has self-lubricating oil feeder to reduce dust while cutting

Application: Common Glass, Constructional Engineering Glass, Glass doors and windows, mirrors, and etc.  


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