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Dustless 25ft Hose

Dustless 25ft Hose

  • Standard hose for Dustless Wet+Dry & HEPA Wet+Dry vacuums
  • Universal to most wet dry vacuums
  • Co-molded polyethylene construction
  • Crush-proof for tough, industrial settings
  • Kink-proof design automatically unravels hose
  • Hose is 1.5” (inner diameter) and cuffs are 2.25” (outer diameter)


You might be working on a job site where you need lots of hose. Two hoses can be linked together for longer distances using the included adapter. Many wet dry vacuums will begin to lose a bit of suction after about 35ft, so we recommend the use of two wet dry vacuums for longer distances.


Out of Stock
SKU: DLS-14291
Item Code DLS-14291
Dimensions 20" x 18" x 11"
Weight 8 lbs
Hose Length 25 ft
Port Size 2.25" 


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