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Dewalt D36000S - 10" High Capacity Wet Tile Saw with Stand

Dewalt D36000S - 10" High Capacity Wet Tile Saw with Stand


Dewalt's 10" High Capacity Wet Tile Saw D36000S (stand included) provides the professional tile installer a 37" rip cut capacity, 8-1/2 " crosscut capacity, and 1/32" over 30" accuracy*.


The rip cut capacity in combination with 18" cutting clearance (left of blade) allows the user to rip 36" x 36" tile in half. The crosscut capacity is ideal for 6" sill cutting and up to 8" x 48" plank cutting at a 30% offset. Perform rip cuts up to 41" with plunge.


The 28-7/8" width from column to cart edge allows you to pass through standard 30" door frames.


When the water tray system is installed, 18" x 36" and 24" x 24" tiles are fully contained within the coverage area, limiting mess when working indoors. The stand allows you to set up a workspace on site, and at only 91 lbs., the tile saw is made for portability to and from the jobsite.


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  • Cutline indicator, rigid frame, and stainless-steel rollers provide cutting accuracy to within 1/32' over 30" cuts*.


  • 37" rip cut capacity (41" with plunge) and 18" cutting clearance left of blade allows users to rip 36" x 36" tile in half.


  • 8-1/2" crosscut capacity is ideal for cutting 6" sills and 8" x 48" planks at a 30% offset.


  • 91 lbs. for portablility to and from the jobsite.


  • 28-7/8" width from column to cart edge fits through standard 30" door frames.


  • 15 Amp motor provides 1220 MWO for demanding applications.


  • 18" x 36" and 24" x 24" tile can be fully contained within the water tray system to help keep the work area clean and dry.


  • Integrated storage for the cart extension, miter guide, and wrenches keeps accessories with the saw during trasportation.