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DEWALT 10 inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand

DEWALT 10 inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand


Dewalt's 10" Wet Tile Saw with Stand (D24000S) is the lightest in its type. At only 69 pounds, it can be moved on and off the job by just one person. It provides capacity for up to 25" rip cuts and 28" plunge cuts, as well as cutting 18"  by 18" tile on a diagonal.


The incredibly stable, rubber-matted cutting cart provides consistent accuracy to within 1/32" over 18". This tile saw is well known for excellent water containment, allowing for set up inside a home - a unique benefit not found on many 10" wet tile saws.


Durable aluminum framing and stainless steel rails are built to stand up to the tough jobsite environment.



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  • Cutting capacity to rip cut 25",  plunge cut of 28", diagonal cut of 18" x 18" tile 
  • Lightest saw in its class at 69 lbs, allowing one person to carry it onto the jobsite
  • Cut line indicator and stainless steel rollers provide stable, accurate cutting to within 1/32" over 18" cuts.
  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor cuts through dense porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, and glass tiles
  • Rigid aluminum frame and arm is built to last on the jobsite and maintains alignment of the blade and cart
  • Side and rear water extensions direct water back into the tub, keeping the workspace and surrounding areas clean
  • Ability to adjust the pump's water feed and the nozzles at the blade in order to minimize water spray
  • Integrated beveling to quickly make angled cuts up to 45°
  • Convenient onboard storage for side extension, miter guide, blade wrench and hex wrench
  • Lightweight folding stand easily sets up on the job and stores in the truck.

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