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Apollo Miter Clamps

Apollo Miter Clamps

Apollo Miter Clamps is a quick, precise, and easy to use fabrication tool designed specifically for creating 90-degree mitered edges.


Available in two sizes: 6" (for up to 13cm/5.12" fascias)  and 13" (for 12cm/4.72"  - 32cm/12.6" fascias). 



  • Fast and Precise, Easy to Use
  • Built-in Square creates high-quality 90º seams
  • Fascia clamping rod ensures tight seams
  • Fascia retaining arm ensures accurate alignment
  • Plastic disposable glue-catcher protects tool from glue overrun (replacements sold separately)
  • High-quality aluminium & stainless steel construction 
  • White rubber plate protects surface of stone
  • Quick release mechanism for fast operation

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