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Apollo 3-Step Star Design Wet Polishing Pads

Apollo 3-Step Star Design Wet Polishing Pads

Apollo's NEW  premium quality 3-Step Diamond resin wet polishing pads are suitable for polishing Natural Stone (granite, marble etc.), Engineered Stone (Quartz), and Dekton


In just 3-steps, these polishing pads will produce a very nice end polish, reducing the overall polishing time by 50%. Best to start out with a fairly smooth surface, as the step 1 pad is only capable of only minimal surface grinding / stock removal. 


These polishing are also extremely flexible, which make them ideal for polishing inside corners and areas with a tight radius. For the very best results, always use with a lot of water


Position Item Code
1 4W3SP1
2 4W3SP2
3 4W3SP3
  • Available for purchase as a SET or EACH PIECE.
  • *Upon request (*special order*), a position 0  (item code: 4W3SP0) is available too. Please contact us for more information. 


Diameter: 4"


Working Conditions: Wet (lots of water)


Maximum Speed: 2800-3700 RPM 


Applications: Natural Stone (like granite and marble), Engineered Stone (like Quartz), and Dekton 


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