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Apollo Tile Vibration Tool

Apollo Tile Vibration Tool

Apollo Tile Vibration Tool - Tile Levelling and Installation of Large Tiles 



  • Compact & Lightweight with 5” suction cup
  • Designed for removing residual air bubbles trapped between the tile & adhesive during installation
  • High frequency vibration ensures even distribution, which allows for improved bond between the tile and substrate below to avoid adhesion failure and future cracks from developing.
  • Essential when laying large format tiles.
  • Not intended for major lifting of tiles.
  • Variable speed switch to adjust vibration frequency



Includes: Tile Vibration Tool, 1x 16.8V lithium-ion battery, charger, and heavy duty carry case



Item Code AP-VBT
Working Voltage 16.8V 
Lithium-ion Capacity 2000mA
Charging Current  1.5A
Suction Cup Lifting Capacity 110 lb (50kg)
Charging Time 2 hours
Vibration Frequency  0-10,000 r/min
Suction Cup Diameter  5"


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