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ALPHA® Wet Blade Cutting Kit

ALPHA® Wet Blade Cutting Kit

This ALPHA® Wet Blade Cutting Kit is the perfect accessory for converting high-speed angle grinders into a wet tool. It comes with a safety guard, water hose and supplies, as well as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.


This unique kit allows you to use the dry angle grinder with wet diamond blades. Expand your toolbox without the expense of a second tool!




Item Code: AL-WBCK5


Kit includes:

  • 1 x Safety Guard
  • 1 x Loc-Line Assembly
  • 1 x Plastic Tie
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Collar
  • 1 x Plastic Collar 
  • 1 x Adapter (1/4 NPT>>>M10*P.1.O)
  • 1 x Water Hose Assembly
  • 1 x Memory Wrap (3ft. / 1M)
  • 1 x Quick Connect Adapter 
  • 1 x GFCI Plug (120V)
  • 1 x Hook & Loop Tie

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