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Alpha® Ultracut GPM Series Vacuum-Brazed Diamond Blade

Alpha® Ultracut GPM Series Vacuum-Brazed Diamond Blade

The Alpha® Ultracut GPM Series is made for building contractors and fabricators who work with metal and composite materials. The blade will fit on most hand-held electric power tools such as angle grinders, stone cutters, circular saws and worm-drive saws for the demanding metal applications. To name a few, roofers can cut galvanized steel roofing sheets and corrugated granite granule coated metal roof tile, easily with a worm-drive saw without worrying about carbide tip loss, compression marks and burning of paint. The Ultracut GPM Series cuts angle iron, pipe, electrical conduit, re-bar, metal stud, structural metal, sheet metal, grid, and stainless steel along with wood, plastics, composite materials, marble, limestone, engineered stone/quartz surfaces, masonry and concrete. Overall, the Alpha® Ultracut blade is versatile enough to handle various applications while maintaining excellent cutting performance at the maximum cutting depth throughout its life.


This blade is available in 4", 4.5", 5", 6", 7", 8" & 9". Contact us for details regarding availability. 

Item Code: AL-UC

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