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ALPHA Silencer III Porcelain Slab/Crystallized Glass Bridge Saw Blade

ALPHA Silencer III Porcelain Slab/Crystallized Glass Bridge Saw Blade

ALPHA® Silencer III Premium Bridge Saw Blade for Porcelain/Crystallized Glass


The Alpha® Silencer III is a technologically advanced blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost performance with reduced noise levels.


The uniquely designed core is made of two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application.


Ideal for use in a variety of different sized shops, porcelain fabricators will love the cutting ability of this blade and the amount of time they’ll save.


The Alpha® Silencer III is equipped with a 60mm arbor which is a common size. Adapters are available to reduce the arbor size.


Specially formulated, the Alpha® Silencer III will provide excellent cost performance and reduce noise levels while maintaining a high quality cut. If you fabricate porcelain, the Alpha® Silencer III is perfect for you.


In addition, due to the increased popularity of Crystallized Glass, Alpha Professional Tools® has performed extensive testing and determined that the Silencer III for Porcelain is the perfect blade to cut this material.


Special Order might be required. Please contact us for availability and to order. 

Product Features:

  • Product Flyer
  • Specialty Bridge Saw Blade Designed for Porcelain and Crystallized Glass
  • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
  • Superior Cost Performance with Reduced Noise Levels
  • Uniquely Designed Core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel Sheets with A Thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them
  • Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter


Suitable Material Types: Porcelain, and Crystallized Glass



Working Condition: Wet cutting

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