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ALPHA® Rust Stain Remover - Gel Form

ALPHA® Rust Stain Remover - Gel Form

ALPHA® Rust Stain Remover (RSR-2000) in Gel Form is an innovative product designed to quickly remove common rust stains from natural stone surfaces or other types of material such as concrete, brick, terra cotta, Mexican tile, or other hard porous surfaces.


This unique product comes as a pre-mixed gel in 14-ounce tubes and is easily applied to rust stained areas.


The RSR-2000 is specially formulated to work extremely fast and will immediately begin to work upon contact with rust. In most cases, the RSR-2000 will completely remove a rust stain within 5 minutes or less.


Professional contractors, monumentalists, tile contractors, and fabricators will find that the RSR-2000 works much quicker than most poultices and is substantially easier to use. Most poultices tend to be messy and can take a long time to successfully remove stains. 


This Rust Stain Remover is a highly efficient product as a non-hazardous chemical that is safe to use and will not harm the environment. Since this product is spreadable because of its gel format, large areas can quickly be covered in short amounts of time.


A versatile product, RSR-2000 can be used in a variety of areas such as floors, countertops, vertical surfaces and exterior areas.


If you have rust stains, RSR-2000 is the best product for you.



Available Size Item Code

40g (1.4 oz bottle)

400g (14 oz tube)




Product Overview:


  • Removes Common Rust Stains From Natural Stone Surfaces, Concrete, Brick, Terra Cotta, Mexican Tile, or Other Hard Porous Surfaces
  • Easy To Use Gel Form
  • Specially Formulated To Work Extremely Fast
  • Non-Hazardous Chemical Is Safe To Use and Will Not Harm The Environment
  • Use On Floors, Countertops, Vertical Surfaces and Exterior Areas
  • Available in 14oz Tube or Trial Size 1.4oz Bottle
  • 14 oz Tube Covers Approximately 4 sqft

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