ALPHA® Kirara 3-Step Polishing Pads

ALPHA® Kirara 3-Step Polishing Pads

Alpha® introduces Kirara Pads which are designed for the maintenance of marble, limestone and concrete surfaces by using only a maximum of 3 steps. Kirara pads are designed for wet polishing but do not require a lot of water. If the surface is lightly wet, it can be enough to cool the cutting edge for a successful application, without having to use final polishing pads or acidic polishing powders and/or chemicals.


The Alpha® Kirara pads are best suited for polishing marble and limestone, such as Nero Maquina (Black Marble), and concrete countertops that are considerably softer than other stones that are used for commercial applications. Kirara pads can be used on a typical floor buffer with 175 rpm or 300 rpm. The Kirara pads come with a hook & loop backing so they can be installed on the most popular driver pads. The minimum quantity for floor applications is 3 pieces per driver pad, but 4 or more can be installed for larger size driver pads.


Kirara pads can also be used on standard polishing machines. Although it is designed for wet polishing, and little water is required on the surface, a standard polisher with a spray bottle can serve the purpose. Another option is a dual-action sander to keep the surface flat, and it too can be used with a water spray gun.


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Product Features:

  • Restore The Polish of Marble, Limestone and Concrete Surfaces
  • Great for Difficult To Polish Marble and Limestone, Such As Nero Maquina (Black Marble)
  • Fast, Consistent, High-Quality Results
  • Easy 3-Step Maintenance System
  • Minimal Water Needed When Used Wet
  • Can Be Used On A Typical Floor Buffers with 175 rpm or 300 rpm

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