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Introducting the next generation of Screw-based Tile Leveling System: EZ Click from Alpha Professional Tools. 


The EZ Click’s patent-pending leveling cap is what really makes adjacent tiles perfectly level, with zero effort. It is tightened with your hands so there is no need for pliers or any other tools.


The cap’s contact edge features a uniquely shaped surface, which removes residue and tiny debris automatically during the operation, virtually eliminating the risk of scratching the tile’s finish.


After cracking the bases, a proprietary unlocking system facilitates the instant ejection of the screw, eliminating the tedious unscrewing of the caps.


Base screws are available in multiple shapes to allow for either edge or angled installations, as well as in various calibration sizes to incorporate the traditional tile spacing for the most common joint sizes ranging from 3/64” to 5/32”.



Special Order is required for this product!  Please refer to the specification chart (tab below) when placing an order with us. 


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      • Instant Screw Ejection Leveling System
      • Supports Tile Thickness: 1/8" to 25/32" (3mm to 20mm)
      • Levels and Spaces at The Same Time
      • Tightens by Hand (No Tools Required)
      • Minimum Joint Calibration: 1/32" (1mm)
      • Ideal for Both Floor and Wall Tiling
      • Proprietary Scratch-Prevention Edge
      • Built-in Spacer Calibration: 3/32" (2mm), 1/8" (3mm) & 5/32" (4mm)
      • Color Coded Base Screws for Easy Size/Type Identification
      • Cap Can Be Re-used More Than 500 Times (compared to others which may only be 8 to 10 times)
      • Compatible With Many Older-Generation Systems
      • *Patent-Pending Design

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