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ALPHA® Ecoguard Type G

ALPHA® Ecoguard Type G

The Alpha® Ecoguard Type G is designed for collecting dust when using a High-Speed Angle Grinder. It is intended for use when grinding with diamond wheels up to 5” in diameter. Its high-quality construction makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications. This dust collection cover creates a virtually dust-free environment when connected to a vacuum.

Item Code: AL-ECG


Equipment Included:

Ecoguard Dust Collection Cover with Preset Connector for Makita®, Milwaukee® & Bosch®. Additional Connector Assembly for Most 5" Grinders: (b. Hitachi®; c. Bosch®/Metabo®; d. Flex®; e. Dewalt®)

Collar, Flange and Locknut Set for Selective Grinders, Hex Wrench, Rubber Hose Adapter, Spacers, Stainless Steel Hose Band, Pin Wrench.



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