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Abaco Truck A-Frame

Abaco Truck A-Frame


The Abaco Truck A-Frame is constructed with two Standard A-Frames joined by a crossbar which can be extended to an overall length of five feet.


This A-Frame provides storage capacity of 16,500 pounds (7500kg) per side. It is designed for handling and storing slabs for transport. 


The A-Frame comes with angled timber blocks to protect materials and improve stability. 


Available in two model types (difference in timber blocks included); TAF060 and ETAF060 (see Specification tabs below for details)


Special order is required. Please contact us to order. 



Out of Stock

Special order is required. Please contact us to order. 

  • Timber Blocks included with Truck A-Frame
  • Timber Block Dimensions: 17-3/16" x 3-1/8" x 4-3/16" (43.6 x 8 x 10.6 cm)
  • A-Frame Slots for Timber Block Placement: 3-15/16" (10 cm)


Item Code AB-TAF
Length 59-13/16" (152 cm)
Width 58-15/16" (149.7 cm)
Height 58-11/16" (149 cm)
Working Load Limit

16,500 lbs (7500 kg) per side 

33,000 lbs (15,000 kg) both side 

Net Weight 138.6 lbs (63 kg)

Note: Distribute slabs equally on both sides

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