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Abaco Swing-Arm Forklift Boom

Abaco Swing-Arm Forklift Boom


The Abaco Swing-Arm Forklift Boom is ideal for moving hard to reach slabs. It is designed in particular for unloading closed top containers, and for use in small factories where space is a critical factor.


The Abaco Swing Arm Forklift Boom has 5 lock points and various angles. It extends up to 98-1/2" (250 cm) in length.


For maximum efficiency, it is best paired with a Abaco Lifter when it comes to unloading containers. The Abaco Swing Arm Forklift Boom is designed for use on 2-3.5 tons forklift trucks. It includes a locking safety chain to prevent the boom from moving off the fork arms.


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Item Code

Length Length Range Width Height




(171 cm)

39-3/8" - 98-1/2"

(100 - 250 cm)


(90 cm)


(42 cm)


Max. Load when Fully Extended 1540 lbs (700 kg)
Working Load Limit 6160 lbs (2800 kg)
Net Weight 286 lbs (130 kg)


IMPORTANT: About the Forklift Capacity Plate

Sometimes referred to as a capacity plate or a forklift nameplate, the forklift data plate includes important information such as weight, fuel type, and forklift load capacity. Anytime you add a non-standard accessory like Abaco Forklift Booms, you will need to contact your forklift dealer or manufacturer to issue a new plate with the updated capacity.

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