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Abaco Sink Hole Support System

Abaco Sink Hole Support System


Abaco Sink Hole Support System is a device that protects the finished stone piece from cracking during lifting, moving and installation. The device is an ideal solution to strengthen countertop with sink hole cutout, especially for fragile stone materials.


This versatile design uses the combined clamping power of 20 single suction cups with two high strengthen extruded aluminum support rails. The suction cups quickly slide and lock in the rail for your choice of placement around the sink hole. 



Out of Stock

*Special order is required for this item, please contact us to order. 

Sold as a SET: One set consists of TWO Bars 


Size of One Bar 

Item Code

AB-SHSS.B (black rubber)

AB-SHSS.W (white rubber)

Length 82-11/16" (210 cm)
Width 15-13/16" (40.2 cm)
Height 3-3/8" (8.5 cm)


One Set for Two Bars 

Number of Aluminum Bars

2 pcs

Number of Suction Cups 20 pcs

Capacity per Suction Cup

Capacity for Total Set

44 lbs (20 kg

880 lbs (400 kg)

Net Weight for One Set  50.6 lbs (23 kg)


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