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Abaco Self-Locking Slab Trolleys

Abaco Self-Locking Slab Trolleys

Abaco Self-Locking Trolleys are made for handling heavy duty stone installations. 


The dolly is layered with vulcanized rubber on the bottom and sides, to protect the edges of the stone materials from chipping while being transported. 


Designed with self-locking jaws, the stone pieces are clamped securely onto the dolly for transport around the shop, warehouse or jobsites. 


Since the self-locking jaws' clamping strength is proportional to the weight of the slab, it means that the heavier the slab is, the larger the clamping force will be.


The Self-Locking Trolleys can carry a big load, with a max. capacity is 1100 lbs (500 kg).


3 models available for the Abaco Self-Locking Trolleys: SLT13M2SLT13M3SLT13M4, see tabs below for specifications. 


Special Order may be required for this product. Contact us for availability.

Purchase Details:

Item Code: AB-3WSLM2

Special Order might be required for this product. Contact us for availability




26-3/8" x 22-3/16" x 19-5/16"

67 cm x 56.3 cm x 49 cm

Grip Range

3/8" - 3-15/16"

(1cm - 10 cm)

Working Load Limit

1100 lbs (500 kg)

Net Weight

69.3 lbs (31.5 kg)

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