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Abaco Ratchet Seam Setter

Abaco Ratchet Seam Setter

Abaco ratchet seam setters for the careful joining and leveling of countertop surfaces (horizontal and vertical directions), are available in three models. M1 is lightweight, portable and very convenient to use. It has a knob device for precise vertical adjustment. Similar to M1, M2 also has a strong 8” suction cup for holding countertops in position. In addition, M2 and M3 both have 2 leveling points, so lippage is no longer an issue. M3 possesses the features of M1 and M2, with the exception of its 8-1/8” suction cup, slightly larger in diameter for better control and greater handling power.

Item Code: AB-SSM1

Cup Diameter Working Load Limit Net Weight
8" 60 kg 5.8 kg


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