Abaco Arcturus Lifter

Abaco Arcturus Lifter

Abaco Arcturus Lifter is designed for use with forklift trucks or hoist  to  lift and move slab form loads, countertops or monuments with smooth surfaces.


The Arcturus Lifter has a larger grip range that is specially designed to clamp slabs that are 3/4"- 4" (2 cm-10 cm) thick.


The swivel hook and the steel cable have the ability to lift the slab around and transport it safely. 


For ease of use, the locking latch is designed to automatically open and close. The clamping jaw system automatically opens and closes, which is a feature designed to help decrease labor, provide convenience and safety for users.


The stopper has rubber on the bottom to help protect stones or slabs. The vulcanized rubbers protect the stone’s surface from scratching and prevent damaging the stone or slab.


A “clamp plate” can be used in combination with Abaco Arcturus Lifter ARL100 lifter to preclude fragile and brittle slabs from cracking. or to clamp edging slabs. When using the clamp plate, W.L.L is 770 lbs (350 kg) and the grip range is from  3/8” – 3 1/8” (1cm to 8 cm).


Two Model Types: ARL50 & ARL100. Available in Black Rubber and White Rubber

Special Order is required, please contact us to order. 


  • Available in Black Rubber & White Rubber
  • Special Order is required, please contact us to order. 


Item Code

AB-ARL50.B (black)

AB-ARL50.W (white)


13-1/16" x 6-15/16" x 18-7/8" 

(33.1 cm x 17.7 cm x 48 cm) 

Grip Range

3/8" ~ 1-15/16 (1 cm - 5 cm)

Working Load Limit  2200 lbs (1000 kg)
Net Weight 57.2 lbs (26 kg)

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