Abaco Universal A-Frame M1

Abaco Universal A-Frame M1


The design of the Abaco Universal A-Frame M1 enables the ability to take any slab/sheet from any position in the pack. The four safety securing bars provide a place to lean slabs against while retrieving a slab from underneath. This feature provides safety for your employees, and protection for the stone slabs. This requires less lifting and moving of slabs from place to place.


The Universal A-Frame M1 allows for storage of 16,500 lbs (7500 kg) per side, and can be easily placed around the shop, warehouse, or factory, at any desired position.


The Universal A-Frame comes with angled timber blocks to protect materials and improve stability. 


Special order is required. Please contact us to order. 


Special order is required. Please contact us to order.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Timber Blocks included with Truck A-Frame


Item Code

(Model Number)



Length 63-7/8" (162.3 cm)
Width 4-7/16" (11.3 cm)
Height 58-11/16" (149.1 cm)
Working Load Limit

16,500 lbs (7500 kg) per side

33,000 lbs (15,000 kg) both side

Net Weight 233.2 lbs (106 kg)

Note: Distribute slabs equally on both sides

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