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Abaco Universal A-Frame M1

Abaco Universal A-Frame M1


The design of the Abaco Universal A-Frame M1 enables the ability to take any slab/sheet from any position in the pack. The four safety securing bars provide a place to lean slabs against while retrieving a slab from underneath. This feature provides safety for your employees, and protection for the stone slabs. This requires less lifting and moving of slabs from place to place.


The Universal A-Frame M1 allows for storage of 16,500 lbs (7500 kg) per side, and can be easily placed around the shop, warehouse, or factory, at any desired position.


The Universal A-Frame comes with angled timber blocks to protect materials and improve stability. 


Special order is required. Please contact us to order. 

Out of Stock

Special order is required. Please contact us to order.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Timber Blocks included with Truck A-Frame


Item Code

(Model Number)



Length 63-7/8" (162.3 cm)
Width 4-7/16" (11.3 cm)
Height 58-11/16" (149.1 cm)
Working Load Limit

16,500 lbs (7500 kg) per side

33,000 lbs (15,000 kg) both side

Net Weight 233.2 lbs (106 kg)

Note: Distribute slabs equally on both sides

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