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Apollo  A-Type Wet Polishing Pad

Apollo A-Type Wet Polishing Pad

Apollo's own A-Type Wet polishing pads are the go-to choice for the polishing all kinds of natural stone: granite, marble, jade, etc. Available in 3", standard 4" and 5" diameter options. 


Out of all our polishing pads, this type has the most available grits, ranging from: 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 2000, 3000, 6500, 11,000 "Buff" (in white and black resin) 


These polishing pads are incredibly versatile, that contractors use these pads for polishing concrete, engineered stone - quartz, and even porcelain tile.


The polishing pads have a flexible design that great for polishing edges, tight corners and the inside of sink cutouts. Hook and loop design for use on velcro backer pads, sold separately. 


A combination of strong resin and high quality diamonds makes this polishing pad optimal for a fast grinding (at lower grits), great polishing, and long lasting life - all at an affordable price. 


These polishing pads must be used with water, ideally on a wet polisher (electric or pneumatic polisher); recommended speed is 2800-3700 RPM, max. speed is 4000 RPM. Exceeding the maximum rpm might result in the resin bleeding onto the stone, especially when there's an insufficient use of water as well.  


We recommend the use of our best selling electric 5" Wet Polisher - FLEX 1503.

For a pneumatic option, check out: Alpha AIR680. 

Time and time again, these polishing pads are known to deliver excellent results, proving that its quality rivals that of many brand name discs on the market. 




  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Wide range of grit choices - up to 11,000 "Buff" 
  • Available in 3", 4" and 5" diameters
  • Long lasting and flexible design
  • Deliver excellent polishing results on natural stone


Application: granite, engineered stone - quartz, marble, porcelain tile, concrete, jade, and all natural stone. 


Working Condition: WET ONLY 


Max. Speed: 4000 RPM 

Recommended Speed: 2800 - 3700 RPM

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